Protein and omega facemask recipe

Protein and omega packed treat that's soothing, comforting and nourishing to the skin with cinnamon and nutmeg for extra anti inflammatory, antibacterial, blemish fighting properties. Whisk up to a nice frothed consistency for best results (and less of a weird 'I'm smearing egg on my face' feeling)


Apply to cleansed skin and leave for 15-20 mins. 





Udos choice omega blend

Egg yolk (free range, organic and from a known local source where you can check no shredding is involved)




Apple cider vinegar (raw)

Raw Cacao


Time for tea


Always time for Tea!


Tulsi (also know as holy basil) pretty much cures everything (doesn't pay your mortgage or pick your kids up from school though unfortunately)  by helping the body cope effectively with any mental or physical ailments. Helps keep you looking young too!

Here's a few commune issues on it can help with

Respiratory health

Cardiovascular health

Beats stress by maintaining normal cortisol levels

Dental and oral health - also great for freshening breath.

Headaches/migraines (this is the first thing I reach for)


Promotes health liver function (an absolute must if you want to age slowly)

Loaded with anti oxidants and polyphenols which fight free radicals (these are the little blighters that make us age quicker)

And as if all the was the enough apparently it is commonly used to help people stop smoking.

What are you waiting for? Better get the kettle on ..


Three tulsi tea 

Homemade Make up removing wipes

These are pretty quick and easy to make, remove ALL make up (including waterproof and long wearing), they're antibacterial, anti-ageing, nourishing, moisturising, gentle, adaptable to your skin type and also help save on packaging.  The vitamin E and honey work as preservatives  (on your skin too!) and if you didn't mix with water these wipes would last even longer but if Im at home I prefer to make smaller batches and keep in them in fridge as uses a lot less ingredients, feels a little more resourceful and it's more cost effective. They will keep for about 3-5 days in a sealed container depending on the temperature and longer if kept in the fridge.



1 tsp Coconut oil                                                                                    

1.5 tsp RAW honey                                                                                            

2 Vitamin E capsules (pierce and squeeze in contents                                   

1 tsp  Castor oil                                                                                           

Cotton wool pads                                                                                                                                                                   

1/3 cup (approx) hot but not boiling water  


Add ingredients to glass bowl, add water and mix to combine. 





Then  soak the cotton pads a few at a time 


Squeeze out the excess and place in an airtight container  


For drier skins add another vitamin E capsule if required and for oiler skins add more castor oil and a little less coconut oil.  

You can use these just on their own especially if you like the feeling of the oils On the skin. I like to let my skin detox and breathe completely at night so I use rosewater as a toner after to make sure all traces of make up and oils are removed (you will still reap the benefits of all the ingredients in the wipes) and it still leaves a nice just moisturised soft feeling on the skin.