Quick superfoods Mask


This mask is quick to make and provides a 'one stop shop' for your face. It combines the deep cleansing properties of a variety of clays, the antioxidant, anti ageing goodness of superfoods and the calming, skin soothing powers of aloe vera and rose water.

To be used on all skin types, but for drier or irritated skins it would be preferable to be slightly more generous with the aloe vera and less so with the clays or just use the Benzonite clay instead of all three varieties. 



 (I use just under 1/4 tsp of each and is enough for 2 masks - keeps in fridge for about 2 days)  

Aloe vera gel 

Rose water  

Benzonite clay  

Latvian blue clay  

Zeolite clay  



Raw cacao  


Matcha green tea powder. 



Mix up and apply to clean damp skin. I also like to place rosewater (on cotton pads) or a couple of slices of cucumber over my eyes whilst the mask works it's magic as this provides a cooling effect which is beneficial to the whole body and is anti ageing and refreshing on the eyes.

Leave for 10-15 mins (or until dry) and then pat with warm water to wet bad soften again before removing. Follow with a cotton pad dampened with rose water all over face and then apply moisturiser. I like to use rosehip or red raspberry seed oil.