Time for tea


Always time for Tea!


Tulsi (also know as holy basil) pretty much cures everything (doesn't pay your mortgage or pick your kids up from school though unfortunately)  by helping the body cope effectively with any mental or physical ailments. Helps keep you looking young too!

Here's a few commune issues on it can help with

Respiratory health

Cardiovascular health

Beats stress by maintaining normal cortisol levels

Dental and oral health - also great for freshening breath.

Headaches/migraines (this is the first thing I reach for)


Promotes health liver function (an absolute must if you want to age slowly)

Loaded with anti oxidants and polyphenols which fight free radicals (these are the little blighters that make us age quicker)

And as if all the was the enough apparently it is commonly used to help people stop smoking.

What are you waiting for? Better get the kettle on ..


Three tulsi tea