Raw bolognase


This is a great recipe to ease into more cold and raw foods as we move into spring and summer 

Raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free this filling meal is full of  anti ageing good fats, veg and protein to keep mind and body in full working order. 


Ingredients  - suggested quantities per person 



Tomato - on the vine are best. (a large handful) 

Shallots (1/2 or to taste) 

Mixed nuts - fact... Brazil nuts = your daily selenium quota. (1 cup)

Sundried tomatoes (1/2 cup) 

Hemp - shelled (1/3 cup) 

Garlic - (2 cloves) 

Olives chopped (3-4)

Pink Himalayan salt (to taste) 

Black pepper (to taste)

Oregano - fresh if possible (handful)

Basil - fresh if possible (handful)

Olive oil - unrefined cold pressed - to desired consistency 

Carrot - chopped (1 medium) 

Beetroot (I like to add a sprinkle of organic beetroot powder as it deepens the colour) 

Lemon juice (squeeze of)




Spiralize  the courgette (I normally leave the skins on although have removed for the sake of art in above picture)  you can also toss in a little olive oil and lemon juice to add a flavour. Then put to one side. 


In a high speed blender blitz the tomatoes and shallots, add in the nuts. Pulse until all nuts are 'minced' add remaining ingredients  (except the hemp and olives) one by one, then add in the lemon, salt and pepper to taste. 


Arrange courgette noodles on a plate, and bolognase on top, then sprinkle with the hemp and olives and serve.