Mother's Day face mask


Packed with anti oxidants, adaptogens and hormone balancing ingredients specifically to suit the ladies. Nourishing, deep cleansing and anti ageing.



(Makes enough for 2)


0.25 tsp women's mix

0.25 tsp hemp powder

0.25 tsp mix of diatomaceous earth, zeolite and bentonite clay powders

0.25 wheatgrass

Pinch of matcha green tea powder*

Pinch of turmeric*

1tsp avocado

1 tsp aloe vera ( I used a cutting from my own plant for this mask but also a fan of Jason gel

1 tsp rose water


**these can stain your face slightly so keep then quantities small.


Mix together well, using a spoon or little spatula against the side of the bowl to smooth out or for a really creamy smooth mask you can blitz in a little blender (this works better for larger quantities)

Will keep in fridge for about 1-2 days. Keep covered.

For a thinner consistency add a little more aloe vera.


Apply to freshly cleansed skin and leave for 10-20 mins I like to pop a couple of cotton pads soaked in rosewater over my eyes to cool any internal heat, or a couple of slices of cucumber are also great.

To remove, apply a warm damp flannel to face and press for a few seconds to help soften the mask, and then wash away.

The matcha, turmeric and beetroot - in the women's mix will remain a little but using a pad soaked in rosewater will remove any last traces.

Apply moisturiser, I love rosehip after this mask -