The best way to cover grey

As a rather dark brunette, greying hair (of which I'm becoming increasingly familiar with) is rather more noticeable than for our fair haired friends, especially with conventional dyes. There is always an annoyingly stark contrast between the regrowth and the previously dyed sections.

As someone who's pretty terrible at religiously getting their roots done every 4 weeks or so, I'm am constantly on the hunt for a low maintainace, budget and time friendly solution.

Allow me to introduce Water colour hair dyes..... 

Organic, cruelty free and nourishing! 


H2O Colour

H2O Colour is gentle on us and our clients giving great healthy-looking hair that keeps them coming back time and time again.

H2O Colour is a 95% water-based colour with not mixed with peroxide, ammonia or resorcinol in the mix making it completely odourless.

H2O Colour gives you 100% grey coverage and as it gently absorbs into the cuticle using hot water and natural body heat, adding perfect shine.

H2O Colour cuts the colour correction process in half as there is no need to pre-pigmentate and prevents any further damage being done to the hair shaft.

At Natural Colour Works we believe that already poorly treated hair deserves a bit of tender loving care, so please do not use any peroxide where you do not need to.

Avocado Developer, Soya Colour delivers a gentle, deeply conditioned result. (Taken from nature colour works site) 

There are organic hair salons popping up everywhere at the moment (hurray!) but if in London I can highly recommend @sarasteelesnaps   at Nature ColourWorks in Soho 





Colour is  applied and then left to develop with heat. There is no strong smell or tingling sensations.  



The grey is softened and slightly lighter than the natural hair colour giving a more natural and less flat looking colour - perfect!  


My hair feels strong, healthy and richly nourished.