Organic make up collaboration

A while back now make up artist and manicurist Tabby Casto @tabbyfa  introduced me to Clean beauty connoisseurs Dominika and Elsie aka @cleanbeautyco  - a match made in heaven! 


Tabby was interested in becoming more familiar with more organic and ethical brands and obviously the girls from clean beauty co would only want clean cosmetics! We though it would be fun to give them both a make over using only natural, clean and cruelty free make up to see how it matched up to the more mainstream brands, heres how we got on ...

We started off by being invited to visit the Jane Airedale @janeiredale_uk team to really get to know how to get best out of their product. It was a super fun day and they were so helpful knowledgable and informative, they could answer every question we threw at them (and there were ALOT) about the ingredients/ethics/cruelty free policies etc.. they were incredibly open and honest which is so refreshing!


We decided Tabby would do a bronzed day look on Dominika and I would do a gentle smokey/evening look on Elsie. FYI I could have absolutely gone to town with all the products we used on the day. The colour payoff was amazing and it would have been easy to create a really strong dramatic look.

I started by using a rosewater as a toner to cool, freshen and hydrate the skin (also to help any further skincare to absorb to fully optimise the effects) I then used Bareskin Beauty Illuminating serum as a moisturiser and then my absolute favourite Primer of all time Inika cosmetics  certified organic primer with Hyaluronic acid







I then went straight in with mixture of  Pacifica BB cream  and jane Iredales Glow time full coverage mineral bb cream Both of these can be used on their own but I mixed then together to create a dewy, flawless finish and a slightly fuller coverage than Elsie was used to but without it feeling too heavy on her skin.

For a super quick, easy and effective contour and highlight I used the bronze blusher from the Pacifica solar palette (I love this palatte, mine goes everywhere with me!) sweeping the powder under Elsies cheekbones and on to her temples. I then applied the Jane Iredale active light highlighter pen under the eyes onto the corners of the cheek bones and just a little in the centre of the forehead  above the brows.

For the brows I used the Great shape eyebrow kit in brunette

Both Elsie and I have fallen in love with this little treat. It has the power and wax and the applicator all included and gives an amazing strong defined but natural finish, even on lighter tones. 


Next we moved on to main event, the smokey eyes. I was excited to try out Eye Shere liquid eyeshadows as I had heard they were a great to use as a base. We tried out the champagne silk shade. These liquid shadows have a lovely smooth feel and glide on so effortlessly, you don't need much if using as a base. They grab hold but still allow you to blend any product placed on top giving them more intensity and colour payoff and they STAY put. I would liken them to MAC paint points. Lets hope they have a matte collection in the pipeline soon! Next I dived in to the Jelly jar gel eyeliner working it into and out of the lash line, slightly extending and lifting the outer corners creating a lifted more feline shape. (Again all of these techniques can be used for a much more dramatic effect. On top of these I used a combination of shades from the PurePressed eyeshadow trio in silver lining   and then pressed a little of the Inika vegan mineral eyeshadow in gold dust up the centre, the outer edge of the brow bone and a little just on the inner corners of the eyes to soften the effect and really open up the eyes, or to coin a popular phrase 'to really make them POP!' A final addition was Inika certified organic eyeliner in black caviar just along the upper 'water' line to optimise the smokey effect and then a good few coats of  PureLash lengthening mascara to finish


The last steps were a little colour for the cheeks. I actually combined InTouch creme blush in Chemistry with Inikas certified vegan lipstick in before sunset  as blusher and then patted on a touch of golden shimmer face and body lotion to catch the light and enhance the cheekbones. I always think this gives a much fresher more youthful look  to any make up. 

For the lips I used Lip pencil in safari  and lipstick  in Cherry blossom and then I stole Elsies super discovery and pressed a little of the champagne silk Eye Shere in the centre! - because the nature of eyeshadow (it sets, which is why its so awesome) this only works if your lips are  well hydrated before hand or you mix it with a little balm.


The last thing to do was to dust over some setting power. I adore (so do my clients) and always use Realist X mineral polisher by W3LLPEOPLE available at  and as a finishing touch used the gorgeous Evolve beauty satin leg gloss on Elsies arms (Yes I know its says legs but it works a treat on arms too!)


The make up brushes we used where a combination of 

Inika -

Eco tools -

Jane Iredale - Please note these brushes are not vegan and do contain animal hair - they are certified cruelty free and the hair is obtained by brushing. At the time of writing this I have a little  further research would like to do as to the process and to how they are kept but will keep you posted.

We all really enjoyed the day and I think we all left feeling inspired and excited. The products were such a pleasure to use, can easily stand up to the more main stream (less clean and less conscious brands)  and its great to know you can nourish your skin and not expose it to potentially harmful chemicals.


All images courtesy of  @carlosbournephotography

All images courtesy of @carlosbournephotography

Superfood facials now available in Highgate!

Highgate Holistic Clinic, 253 Archway road, London, N6 5BS.   

Highgate Holistic Clinic, 253 Archway road, London, N6 5BS.


Bespoke Ayurvedic Superfood facials tailor made to your specific requirements and mixed on the spot to optimise nutritional content. 

Relaxing, healing, anti ageing, calming, stress relieving. Great for specific skin issues or general self care. Perfect for balancing mind, body and soul. Treat yourself!  




Facials and face lift massages 


45 mins £65  

30 mins (express) £45  




Honey and cinnamon morning mask


A tingly and invigorating mask to nourish, cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

The lemon juice gently exfoliates and boosts the skins radiance,  the clay is great for drawing out impurities whilst the cinnamon and honeys'  antibacterial qualities help to clear any blemishes. The kelp and wheatgrass nourish the skin with a host of nutrients and the aloe soothes and cools. Leaving your skin smooth, clear and invigorated.  A great anti ageing way to start your day.



 (approx 1/4 tsp of each) 

for drier sensitive skins or for those not used to lemon juice on the face use slightly less lemon juice and use more aloe and or honey or for extra benefits add a little oil of choice of banana or avocado. 



Freshly squeezed lemon juice  

Aloe vera 




Raw organic honey  

Zeolite clay  

Latvian blue clay  




Mix all ingredients together and apply to clean damp skin (avoiding eyes) leave for 10-15 mins then rinse with warm water. Use rosewater to remove any excess and then follow with moisturiser of choice (I favour oils as opposed to creams) 



Quick superfoods Mask


This mask is quick to make and provides a 'one stop shop' for your face. It combines the deep cleansing properties of a variety of clays, the antioxidant, anti ageing goodness of superfoods and the calming, skin soothing powers of aloe vera and rose water.

To be used on all skin types, but for drier or irritated skins it would be preferable to be slightly more generous with the aloe vera and less so with the clays or just use the Benzonite clay instead of all three varieties. 



 (I use just under 1/4 tsp of each and is enough for 2 masks - keeps in fridge for about 2 days)  

Aloe vera gel 

Rose water  

Benzonite clay  

Latvian blue clay  

Zeolite clay  



Raw cacao  


Matcha green tea powder. 



Mix up and apply to clean damp skin. I also like to place rosewater (on cotton pads) or a couple of slices of cucumber over my eyes whilst the mask works it's magic as this provides a cooling effect which is beneficial to the whole body and is anti ageing and refreshing on the eyes.

Leave for 10-15 mins (or until dry) and then pat with warm water to wet bad soften again before removing. Follow with a cotton pad dampened with rose water all over face and then apply moisturiser. I like to use rosehip or red raspberry seed oil. 


Raw bolognase


This is a great recipe to ease into more cold and raw foods as we move into spring and summer 

Raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free this filling meal is full of  anti ageing good fats, veg and protein to keep mind and body in full working order. 


Ingredients  - suggested quantities per person 



Tomato - on the vine are best. (a large handful) 

Shallots (1/2 or to taste) 

Mixed nuts - fact... Brazil nuts = your daily selenium quota. (1 cup)

Sundried tomatoes (1/2 cup) 

Hemp - shelled (1/3 cup) 

Garlic - (2 cloves) 

Olives chopped (3-4)

Pink Himalayan salt (to taste) 

Black pepper (to taste)

Oregano - fresh if possible (handful)

Basil - fresh if possible (handful)

Olive oil - unrefined cold pressed - to desired consistency 

Carrot - chopped (1 medium) 

Beetroot (I like to add a sprinkle of organic beetroot powder as it deepens the colour) 

Lemon juice (squeeze of)




Spiralize  the courgette (I normally leave the skins on although have removed for the sake of art in above picture)  you can also toss in a little olive oil and lemon juice to add a flavour. Then put to one side. 


In a high speed blender blitz the tomatoes and shallots, add in the nuts. Pulse until all nuts are 'minced' add remaining ingredients  (except the hemp and olives) one by one, then add in the lemon, salt and pepper to taste. 


Arrange courgette noodles on a plate, and bolognase on top, then sprinkle with the hemp and olives and serve. 

Protein and omega facemask recipe

Protein and omega packed treat that's soothing, comforting and nourishing to the skin with cinnamon and nutmeg for extra anti inflammatory, antibacterial, blemish fighting properties. Whisk up to a nice frothed consistency for best results (and less of a weird 'I'm smearing egg on my face' feeling)


Apply to cleansed skin and leave for 15-20 mins. 





Udos choice omega blend

Egg yolk (free range, organic and from a known local source where you can check no shredding is involved)




Apple cider vinegar (raw)

Raw Cacao


Time for tea


Always time for Tea!


Tulsi (also know as holy basil) pretty much cures everything (doesn't pay your mortgage or pick your kids up from school though unfortunately)  by helping the body cope effectively with any mental or physical ailments. Helps keep you looking young too!

Here's a few commune issues on it can help with

Respiratory health

Cardiovascular health

Beats stress by maintaining normal cortisol levels

Dental and oral health - also great for freshening breath.

Headaches/migraines (this is the first thing I reach for)


Promotes health liver function (an absolute must if you want to age slowly)

Loaded with anti oxidants and polyphenols which fight free radicals (these are the little blighters that make us age quicker)

And as if all the was the enough apparently it is commonly used to help people stop smoking.

What are you waiting for? Better get the kettle on ..


Three tulsi tea 

Mother's Day face mask


Packed with anti oxidants, adaptogens and hormone balancing ingredients specifically to suit the ladies. Nourishing, deep cleansing and anti ageing.



(Makes enough for 2)


0.25 tsp women's mix

0.25 tsp hemp powder

0.25 tsp mix of diatomaceous earth, zeolite and bentonite clay powders

0.25 wheatgrass

Pinch of matcha green tea powder*

Pinch of turmeric*

1tsp avocado

1 tsp aloe vera ( I used a cutting from my own plant for this mask but also a fan of Jason gel

1 tsp rose water


**these can stain your face slightly so keep then quantities small.


Mix together well, using a spoon or little spatula against the side of the bowl to smooth out or for a really creamy smooth mask you can blitz in a little blender (this works better for larger quantities)

Will keep in fridge for about 1-2 days. Keep covered.

For a thinner consistency add a little more aloe vera.


Apply to freshly cleansed skin and leave for 10-20 mins I like to pop a couple of cotton pads soaked in rosewater over my eyes to cool any internal heat, or a couple of slices of cucumber are also great.

To remove, apply a warm damp flannel to face and press for a few seconds to help soften the mask, and then wash away.

The matcha, turmeric and beetroot - in the women's mix will remain a little but using a pad soaked in rosewater will remove any last traces.

Apply moisturiser, I love rosehip after this mask - 

Homemade Make up removing wipes

These are pretty quick and easy to make, remove ALL make up (including waterproof and long wearing), they're antibacterial, anti-ageing, nourishing, moisturising, gentle, adaptable to your skin type and also help save on packaging.  The vitamin E and honey work as preservatives  (on your skin too!) and if you didn't mix with water these wipes would last even longer but if Im at home I prefer to make smaller batches and keep in them in fridge as uses a lot less ingredients, feels a little more resourceful and it's more cost effective. They will keep for about 3-5 days in a sealed container depending on the temperature and longer if kept in the fridge.



1 tsp Coconut oil                                                                                    

1.5 tsp RAW honey                                                                                            

2 Vitamin E capsules (pierce and squeeze in contents                                   

1 tsp  Castor oil                                                                                           

Cotton wool pads                                                                                                                                                                   

1/3 cup (approx) hot but not boiling water  


Add ingredients to glass bowl, add water and mix to combine. 





Then  soak the cotton pads a few at a time 


Squeeze out the excess and place in an airtight container  


For drier skins add another vitamin E capsule if required and for oiler skins add more castor oil and a little less coconut oil.  

You can use these just on their own especially if you like the feeling of the oils On the skin. I like to let my skin detox and breathe completely at night so I use rosewater as a toner after to make sure all traces of make up and oils are removed (you will still reap the benefits of all the ingredients in the wipes) and it still leaves a nice just moisturised soft feeling on the skin.